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5 questions you should ask your cell phone-wielding teen

Texting after bedtime? Even worse, while driving? Even the best-behaved kids can run into trouble with cell phone. Here are five questions you should be asking.

Greening the family computer

If you are thinking about how to reduce your carbon footprint, start with the family computer.

Teach your kids to search online effectively and safely

The challenges of searching online don't keep kids from trying, and what they are looking for may surprise you.

Teach your child online safety early

You put gates on stairs and locks on the toilet -- but how child-proof is your computer?

Is your child a savvy social networker?

The best way to protect kids is to teach them to protect themselves online. Here's how.

The new three R’s: Raising information-literate kids

When kids go back to school, they will certainly spend time learning the three R's. But what about the three E's? Learning to "extract, evaluate, and express" helps kids make the most of information overload.

Powering off

Technology has a way of taking over family time. It starts innocently enough.

Ten ways the Web can help thrifty families

The number of Web sites promising to help families save money has grown

Sexting 101

When you were in school, kids passed flirtatious or even racy notes to people they liked.

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