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Three generations of Chicago moms share their best baby advice

Whiskey to soothe teething babies? Teaching a kid not to bite by biting them back? Yep. That's your great grandma's generation talking. While...

Chicago Children’s Theatre performs with a winner

The Elephant and the Whale tells a story adults will appreciate with staging, songs and shadow puppets kids will adore. Check it out before it ends May 26.

Chicago kids speak out on the environment and global warming

We spoke to 13 Chicago-area kids about the current state of the environment in the city and how they expect things to go...

The best places to get tacos with kids in Chicago

All tacos are not created equal. And all local taquerías in Chicago certainly are not equally suited to family visits (think long lines,...

Slithering snake craft for kids

Create slithering serpentine friends from materials you have around your house.

The Elephant and The Whale combines shadow puppets, circus life at Chicago Children’s Theatre

This story of an unusual friendship will captivate young audiences through a sea journey, circus songs and puppetry.

The best places for new moms to connect in and around Chicago

The infant phase can be isolating, but it's when you need the most support. Here are four ways to start your search for a good mom group.

Make your own monster feet

Use materials from around your house to create fun "feet" for your little monster.

Chicago kids talk about technology

We gathered a panel of 14 Chicago-area kids between the ages of 7 and 14 to talk about tech. They're growing-up in a...

Make pine cone snow owls

Embrace the wintery conditions outdoors with a craft inspired by the super fluffy snowy owl.
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