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The much-anticipated 606 opens Saturday in Chicago

The 606 brings together arts, history, design, trails for bikers, runners, and walkers, event spaces, alternative transportation avenues, and green, open space.

Throw an outdoor movie party for friends and family in Chicagoland

Don't head out to the movies. Bring the big screen to your own backyard. Here's how.

15 practical tips from Chicago teachers to avoid summer learning loss

Summer can be a time for fun, but it also means kids often forget a lot of what they've learned in school. We've got 15 tips from teachers to head off summer brain drain.

Six families share their ideas for a perfect Chicago day

Find some inspiration to create your own perfect Chicago day.

5 fabulous spots in Chicago to treat your family to a slice (or two) of pie

From the city to the suburbs, places abound where families can enjoy a delicious slice of homemade pie. It's the season for pies, and...

School is cool: A report from Chicago’s kids

The average student spends about 1,400 hours in school every year. That's a lot of time devoted to mastering reading, writing and arithmetic....

Chicago kids speak out on the city’s challenges

Chicago is a beautiful, world-class city. However, like all big cities, it faces serious social issues that impact us all. You likely worry...

Edible white chocolate butterfly craft for kids

Celebrate the return of these winged beauties to our backyards and parks by creating an edible homage.

Tips to help new parents stay organized with all of baby’s gear

Three Chicago-area organizing professionals share their best tips for helping new parents keep everything baby needs in check. Three Chicago-area organizing professionals share...
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