Beth Prystowsky

Chicago mom reflects on kindergarten graduation

While kindergarten graduations with all the pomp and circumstance seems a bit trivial, parents will never forget this important transition.

Simple, low-cost ways to enjoy spring in Chicago

Chicago is a wonderful city to explore but some activities can add up quickly. Balance them with low cost options to really get the most out of every day.

Latest Star Wars miniland exhibit opens at Chicago-area LEGOLAND

LEGOLAND in Schaumburg debuted the Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope exhibit last week. The latest installment of the popular miniland series doesn't disappoint.

Chicago mom: How to parent when you are sick

No one likes getting sick, and when you're a sick mom or dad who still has to care for the kids, it can be especially tough. Beth shares some ideas to help you rest while still keeping the kids occupied.

5 activities to survive Chicago’s winter shut in

You can't do anything about the snow and bitter temperatures keeping you indoors so Beth gives you ideas on how to keep busy.

Get moving: Chicago mom shares fitness plans for 2014

Eat less and move more is Beth's fitness motto for the new year. Here are simple habits you can adopt to stay fit throughout the year.

Body image and a Chicago yoga mom

Yoga teacher and Chicago mom Beth has been a proud supporter of luxury sportswear brand Lululemon for years, but the company founder's negative comments on women's bodies may have put her off for good.

The great toy purge: A small victory for one Chicago mom

Do your kids have an insane amount of toys they don't play with anymore? A day off from school became a "toy purge" day in the Prystowsky household.

Chicago mom: Shopping parties are draining my wallet

Gone are the days of Tupperware parties. Today, you can throw a party to sell just about anything and Beth Prystowsky says her bank account is feeling the effects.

Chicago mom: Boredom fuels imagination and creativity

See creativity soar when you take away extracurricular activities and electronics, leaving your kids with only one thing: Their imagination.

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