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How Chicago families can survive the challenges of middle school

Middle school can be tough on both parents and kids. The physical and emotional development during these years can seem overwhelming. Experts weigh in on surviving the changes and challenges middle school brings.

Communication vital for parent-nanny relationship

Tips to build the best parent-nanny team possible.

Chicago’s newest super hero

You’ve heard of Superman and Batman, but it’s time for a new crime fighter to join the ranks of your family’s favorite superheroes.

Go fly a kite

Ready to go fly a kite? Head to Montrose Harbor for the annual Kids and Kites festival.

A bit of Mexico in the city

Los Comales in Pilsen features authentic Mexican food everyone in your family will love.

Nature in Chicago all year long

Enjoy the cool temps at Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum's Nature Trails exhibit.

Can’t figure out that car seat?

Four out of five car seats are used incorrectly. Get help on Sept. 24 from certified technicians who will make sure your child's seat is approved and installed correctly.

Explore Pilsen with your family

The Chicago Family Adventures tour of Pilsen proves itself to be a fun adventure for kids.

Aladdin magical for the whole family

Disney's Aladdin has been making kids (and let's be honest, adults, too) sing, laugh and dream of magic carpet rides since it came...

How your child can stand up to teasing

As stories of extreme bullying make headlines, it's important to remember that this often starts with "harmless teasing" among young children. How to help your child stand up to mean words.
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