Andrea Guthmann

Wild science is just a click away

One perfect way for families to commune with nature.

New Legoland California Hotel and amusement park fill family vacation with creative play

The hotel might not really be built out of Legos, but your family will be amazed by everything else that is.

Dude ranch vacation ideas for Chicago families

Saddle up your horses, or at least wrangle the kids into the car, and head out to a dude ranch for your next family vacation.

Exploring Florida’s unexpected wild side on family vacation

Skip Disney and steer toward Marco Island instead this year for an exciting adventure.

A “Dolphin Tale” trip to Florida

Experience your own version of the movie "Dolphin Tale" with a trip to where it all began.

A monumental road trip to Monument Valley

Talk about a room with a view—every room in The View Hotel faces the towering red rocks featured in old Hollywood westerns.

Hidden gems in Illinois

We’ve all been hearing comparisons lately to the Great Depression. Here’s an adventure packed with teachable moments about the can-do spirit of that historic time.
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