Amy Bizzarri

Getting back into shape after baby

It’s hard enough to jump back into the swing of everyday life after the birth of a baby, let alone rediscover your exercise groove. Yoga is just the ticket.

Beyond the funny pages with comic stores

Comic books can entice even the most reluctant reader into spending time with written words.

Fab finds at the fairgrounds

With today’s economy, visiting flea markets and garage sales has become a great way to find deals.

History unwrapped at mummy museums

Unwrap the mysteries of ancient Egypt by setting off to discover some of Chicago’s very own mummies.

Oahu: A family paradise

Oahu, the third largest of the Hawaiian Islands, is the ideal starting point for family island adventures.

Savor the fruits of the season

Celebrate the sweets of summer at a fruit-focused festival.

Road trip games for easy family travel

It’s that time of year again when long trips in the car are met with frequent choruses of "Are we there yet?" Cut down on road trip down time with some fun, inexpensive road trip games.

Dance to the beat of flamenco

Milla Kerch may only be in kindergarten, but when flamenco music peals out of the dance studio's speakers, the pint-size Chicagoan is ready for action.

Blueberries and beaches in SW Michigan

Mid-July ushers in this year’s blueberry season. For four weeks blueberries are ripe, juicy and ready

Don’t let summer brain drain leave your kids behind

It happens every year: Just when your child finally gets into the swing of things at school, along comes summer.
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