Amanda Ortiz

Time to get away? 3 local weekend trips for Chicago parents

With the weather and the kids on spring break, it's easy to see why many Chicago parents are longing for a respite from everyday life. Amanda found three easy getaways that will make you feel rejuvenated.

Hot date night idea for Chicago couples

Dinner and a movie is great. A classic even. But every once in a while it's nice to try something new. Enter Date Night at Ignite Glass Studios.

8 ways to know you can survive a Chicago winter

As wonderful as our city is, it's not easy living here during the winter, but if there's one thing all Chicagoan's know, it's how to survive the cold and dreary winter months.

Chicago mom preserves cultural holiday traditions

Chicago is a melting pot of different cultures. Amanda loves her mixed heritage and the hodgepodge of holiday traditions she celebrates with her family.

Staying safe in Chicago this Halloween

The safety tips you need to know to ensure your family has a fun Halloween.

Chicago mom: Top 15 fall family activities to do before wintertime

The snow and below freezing temperatures will be here before you know it. Amanda Ortiz shares her "bucket list" of family activities to complete before winter comes.

Chicago mom: When did I get so old?

When did music get so loud anyway? A routine car ride with her teenage daughter left Amanda Ortiz feeling out of touch, uncool and just plain old.
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