Allison Markowitz

Leaping—and creeping—lizards!

The exhibit "Lizards and the Komodo King" at the Shedd Aquarium continues to wow visitors and Faust,

The joke’s on us

Every year, ideas of grandiose April Fools’ pranks flow through our heads but never come to fruition.

Why just February?

February is Black History Month. Use these facts as a fun jumping-off point

Alternative resolutions

On Jan. 1, we awaken energized and excited to change our lives for the better, but by mid-month we’re back in our old routines.

That elusive holiday toy…

Eleven years have passed since Tickle Me Elmo debuted and turned normally calm toy stores into jungles.

Everything but the turkey

As we all know, Thanksgiving revolves around turkey. Each year millions of turkeys become martyrs for our tradition.

Yellow, orange and white goodness

Most of us see it as a filler candy, the leftovers in every Halloween goody bag. Compared to the chocolatey, nutty or gooey treats that abound this time of year, candy corn is an old standby.

A royal phenomenon

Despite the negative connotations associated with being a princess—an attitude of entitlement, an emphasis on physical beauty, a dependence on finding a happy ending in the form of Prince Charming—Yearwood isn’t concerned.

Sharpen your knowledge

Behold the simple pencil. Chances are your kids have this back-to-school staple on their school supply list.
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