Alan Kercinik

The fears of being a Chicago parent, right now

When did our world become a place where journalists are beheaded and toddlers are killed almost daily? Alan shares his fears, for his kids and for the future.

Chicago dad: How to divide attention equally among all your children

Your kids want your attention 100 percent of the time. But if you have more than one kid, someone is usually shorted. This dad says don't worry about it.

Chicago dad reflects on fathers, sons and the love of baseball

Lifelong Chicago Cubs fan experiences a winning season (finally) in the form of his t-ball playing son.

Chicago dad: The lies we tell our kids

Are we raising kids in a world full of lies? Yes we are, but Alan hopes to raise his kids with a kinder eye and impulse control.

Chicago dad: What kids lose when they can’t get lost

This dad plans to teach his kids how to handle uncertainty in their lives. He learned it the hard way: On his own in a beat-up pickup.

A Chicago dad’s insincere moments in parenting

Mom bought new juice and Alan is jacked. Seriously, he wonders why parents oversell the little things to their kids.

Chicago dad: My kid ate too much on Easter Sunday. You’ll never guess what happened next

As he cleaned his son up from the vomit, changed the sheets and got him back to sleep, Alan was thinking: "This was my fault."

Chicago dad: Six things I learned while single parenting

Want a new respect for single parents? Take over care of the kids 24/7 without a backup.

Chicago dad: Why raising three boys is like living in a sorority

Alan has uncovered the cause of synchonized tantrums and bad moods -- the MacMurray Effect.

26 things a Chicago dad does only because of parenting

When you find yourself doing a lot of silly and embarrassing things that some of your friends may not understand, sometimes the only explanation for them is: "Because of parenting."
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