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Check out this month's Special Parent find! more

May 17, 2016 9:17 PM Chicago Parent Archives

The Chicago History Museum is examining Lincoln through his own words. more

Apr 18, 2016 3:20 PM Chicago Parent Archives

Don't miss your chance to see this once in a lifetime exhibit. more

Mar 1, 2016 9:39 PM Museums

The National Pediatric Developmental Differences Forum will focus on relationship-based therapies. more

Oct 16, 2015 2:01 PM Chicago Parent Archives

Newly married, pregnant and fighting breast cancer, Miss Lauren focuses on life’s kicks. more

Sep 21, 2015 8:04 PM Chicago Parent Archives


Photo by Thomas Kubik, TK Photography

Next week's Best of Bump Club and Beyond and its huge Gearapalooza is something not to miss. A gift bag worth more than $100 isn't bad, either. more

May 21, 2015 8:56 PM Chicago Parent Archives

Mother's Day will have special meaning for Kathleen O'Malley and thousands of people who will take part in the Susan G. Koman Chicago Race for the Cure. There is still time to help. more

May 1, 2015 8:44 PM Chicago Parent Archives

Carousel has both forgettable and memorable moments, but overall it provides a wonderful outing for those who love theater and music. more

Apr 13, 2015 5:46 PM Chicago Parent Archives

Lori Cook puts the fun in food packaging for wholesome products. more

Oct 6, 2014 3:47 PM , Chicago Parent Archives

Rosemary Homeister, a jockey at Arlington Racecourse, share her thoughts on raising her daughter Victoria. more

Jul 28, 2014 10:51 AM , Chicago Parent Archives

Lisa Steinke manages to combine full-time parenting with writing a new book that's perfect for summer reading on the beach. more

May 30, 2014 3:47 PM , Chicago Parent Archives

The Field Museum's new exhibit, The Machine Inside: Biomechanics, is a winner for Chicago families. more

Mar 13, 2014 2:01 PM Chicago Parent Archives

Skip the green beer. Heartbeat of Home will inspire you to get up and dance in the days leading up to St. Patrick's Day. more

Mar 6, 2014 12:13 PM Chicago Parent Archives

Technology can be used to help kids do everything from map the skies to creating their own digital scrapbook. Here are 5 ideas to bring out the natural curiosity in your child. more

Mar 4, 2014 11:54 AM , Chicago Parent Archives

Jenna Kutska, November's Chicago Parent Mom of the Month who shared her journey to motherhood with MTV, shares why it was so important to her to tell her story. more

Nov 11, 2013 2:01 PM Chicago Parent Archives

Our Mom of the Month is Edie Carey, a Chicago musician who brought 13 years of nonstop touring to an end after son Luca was born. more

Aug 6, 2013 2:57 PM Chicago Parent Archives

Doyle family uses their own journey as a way to educate their community and help fight autism. more

Jul 18, 2013 12:05 PM Special Needs