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Dust off your ruby slippers. more

Aug 3, 2017 12:00 PM Fairs & Fests

Enjoy musical acts, local food vendors, carnivals and more. more

Jun 21, 2017 3:10 PM Fairs & Fests

Let's get this summer started! more

Jun 5, 2017 4:55 PM PLAY

Sip your way through summer. more

May 26, 2017 4:38 AM Fairs & Fests

Summer is synonymous with festival season in Chicago. more

May 18, 2017 6:18 PM Fairs & Fests

To: You and your kids, From: Chicago Parent more

Mar 28, 2017 5:02 PM PLAY

Fun fact: Reptiles are not really slimy; their shine comes from an oil on their scales. more

Mar 9, 2017 9:38 PM Nature

Celebrate the author's 113th birthday in silly style. more

Mar 2, 2017 6:04 PM Fairs & Fests

Witness the wonder up close and personal. more

Aug 12, 2016 3:19 PM Fairs & Fests

Food always tastes best when it's at a fest. more

Jun 28, 2016 4:58 PM Chicago Parent Archives

Awesome new light displays and some returning favorites make Brookfield a holiday wonderland. more

Dec 30, 2015 4:55 PM Nature

It's been a few years since so many tall ships docked at Navy Pier, so we're excited about the return of Tall Ships Chicago. An international fleet of 14 ships will drop anchor and give Chicagoans the chance to view and even board some pretty impressive vessels. more

Jul 30, 2013 1:02 PM Chicago Parent Archives