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This Swedish spot in Albany Park doesn't disappoint. more

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No soup for you! (Actually, all the soup for you.) more

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From sun up to sundown, the slow cooker won't let you down. more

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Respect both your time and dishes. more

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Zucchini is a great farmer's market bargain. Use it to make this dish for dinner. more

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David Perini

Upscale doesn't have to mean no kids. Gather offers a great Sunday buffet and welcomes kids every day. more

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This tilapia recipe is healthy and packed with flavor. more

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This is the simplest noodle dish! The healthy bonus is it is packed with protein from the creamy peanut butter. more

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Shakshuka usually is quite spicy, but its easy to tone down the heat for kids' meals. more

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Instead of fried chicken, try making this healthier alternative. more

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Since most fried rice from restaurants are loaded with sodium and super greasy, make this healthy version with brown rice that you can indulge in every week. more

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This dish is easy to prepare, yet elegant. The red pepper flakes give the dish just the right amount of heat for a spicy evening. more

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This is a quick, tasty and hydrating meal. Use low-sodium tomatoes and beans to decrease the sodium content in this dish. more

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