Graham Johnston

Digital Editor

Graham Johnston is manager of Internet and technology at Graham works with all the staff from the magazine and the team at liQuidprint to help bring you the best parenting website in Chicago. He spends most of his days writing code, but every now and then he'll be writing stories and helping to contribute to in ways that don't involve <xsl:value-of select="data[@alias='pageText']"/>.

If you ever ask Graham about his job the first thing he'll tell you is that he's worked at the same company since he was 10 years old. Then, he'll hold out his arm and give you an estimate of his height at that age. Graham started his career in journalism as a paper boy for his hometown paper, and one of Chicago Parent's sister newspapers, Wednesday Journal. Every Wednesday, he'd diligently load up his wagon with 100 rolled and bagged copies and head out on his route. Every month, he'd somewhat more reluctantly go door-to-door collecting payment for his deliveries. And thus began a still lasting pursuit to help deliver news to the community.

Graham went to work in the mail room and empty trash at the newspaper during high school. In college he studied magazine journalism and came back to intern during the summers. He finally started a full time job in 2006 as online technology editor, working with both Chicago Parent and its many sister weekly newspapers. In 2008 Graham was promoted to manager of Internet and technology to help oversee the redesign of

While everything about Graham may scream "29-year-old bachelor" he dreams of a future when he can settle down in his hometown of Oak Park, with his beautiful journalist wife and their three kids, Avril, Samantha and Gordon (names subject to his wife's approval).

Oh, and in case you're wondering, he still has a paper route. But he's traded in the wagon for pickup truck.

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