How to throw a four-star Thanksgiving at home


The secret to brining

Brining is a scientific process that unwinds the meat proteins, allowing the flavors of the ingredients to saturate into the meat. The flavored solution becomes trapped inside, creating a delicious and juicy turkey. It's a careful mix of salt, sugar, water and time, but it's well worth it.

Chef's Thanksgiving Tip: "In the restaurant kitchen, we use large containers to soak the turkeys, but you can get the same results on a smaller scale using an extra-large ziplock type of bag (like the kind I use at home to store all the clothes my 1- year-old is rapidly outgrowing). This gem of a tip came from my mother-in-law, and though we don't use it at Elate, I would definitely do this at home - it's much easier to refrigerate this way!"
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Chef Jacobs' secret for turkey to remember.

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