Chef Walton's Butternut Squash Soup


Scott Walton, executive chef at Markethouse restaurant in Chicago, starts his Thanksgiving dinner with this soup. He says that it buys him time – from his eager gobblers – while he finishes preparing the rest of the meal.


  • Butternut Squash, peeled/seeded/diced 4" 1/2 hotel pan full
  • Shallot, sliced 8 each
  • Green Cardamon 6 each
  • Cinnamon Stick 1 each
  • Cloves 5 each
  • Black Peppercorn 1 TBSP
  • Bay Leaves 2 each
  • Thyme 2 lg. sprigs
  • Kafir Limes Leaves 1 each
  • Veg Stock 1.5 gal
  • Aji-Mirin 1/4 c.
  • Lemongrass sliced 3 each
  • Ginger, peeled/sliced 1" piece


  1. Sweat shallots in oil (No Color)

  2. Add butternut squash, sweat just to soften.

  3. Make a sachet with the cardamon, cinnamon, cloves, peppercorns, bay leaves thyme, and kafir lime leaves.

  4. Add sachet, then add the veg stock and simmer until tender.

  5. Season soup, add aji-mirin, and puree in blender.

  6. Use liquid only to keep consistency, strain through a chinois, check seasoning.

  7. Chill and refrigerate.


Scott Walton is the executive chef at Markethouse in Chicago. Click here for more Thanksgiving recipes from top-rated Chicago chefs.


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