Rainy Day Fun in Chicago

Chicago weather is unpredictable at best, downright bummer-inducing at worst. And there's nothing quite so disappointing as waking up on a weekend or a precious holiday and seeing gray skies overhead. So we've got a few suggestions for what to do when the clouds move into Chicagoland.

12 best indoor play places in Chicago

Whether it's hot and ridiculously humid or so cold it would put a polar vortex to shame, Chicago's weather rarely cooperates with what your family has planned. Lucky for Chicago parents, this area is bursting with variety of indoor spots where kids can play and parents can retain their sanity and their clean homes. Here are a dozen of our favorites.

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Best Kids Museums

Nothing's more fun than heading to one of the many children's museums in the Chicago area, where it's all about hands-on learning and fun.


Best pottery places in the Chicago

Come on--get your hands dirty. These pottery shops all let kids (and parents!) work the clay, make a mess and actually create something wonderful to take home.


Best indoor mall play spaces

Malls have the best of both worlds--a chance to get some shopping done plus kids' play areas to let kids run and shout.


Trash to treasure

Art can be made from absolutely anything. Children intuitively know this-think lipstick portraits on the living room wall. Adults seem to forget that art can have humble beginnings.

Before you buy expensive art supplies, see what you can find at home. Your recycling bin is a fabulous (and cost effective) resource for craft materials. Plus, using recycled items is a wonderful way to stretch your child's imagination and creativity, while also teaching him to live a little "greener." Next time you are about to toss something into the recycling bin, ask yourself, "Could we use this to make something fun or interesting?"


Best kid-friendly coffeehouses in Chicago

You want a decent cup of coffee. Your kid wants to run around. Solution: These kid-friendly java joints.

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