Greenfields Academy

Chicago, Ill.


3232 N Elston Ave.
Chicago, Ill. 60618


Greenfields Academy is an independent, progressive school located on the north side of Chicago. We offer a self-directed learning community for students in grades JK-8 with plans to expand into high school in the coming years.

It is our mission to join our students on a journey of self-discovery. We empower them to find and nurture their passions and develop a vision of who they want to be in the world. We work together to develop the academic and real-world skills to help them become their best version of themselves. Each of our graduates will be prepared to leave their unique mark on this world, and in doing so, lead a full, happy life that is profoundly rich with meaning and purpose.

At Greenfields Academy, we take the rigid structures of traditional schooling and replace them with a flexible system designed to empower each child to flourish. We move from:

  • Teacher-centered courses to student-driven projects
  • Fixed-time classes to mastery-based blended learning
  • Age-based classrooms to multi-age learning environments
  • End-of-term final grades to portfolios and exhibitions
  • Subject-based lectures to Socratic dialogues

These changes replace a one-size-fits all environment with one that puts the student at the center of a learning community where each child is empowered to become the best version of themselves.

Visit us at to learn more about our pedagogy, our team and how we’re reimagining education. You can sign up for an information session and start the application process.

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