Discover Anne with an E's Prince Edward Island



When I was a little girl, I found a kindred spirit: a redheaded orphan named Anne Shirley, the heroine of L.M. Montgomery’s beloved book series and the 1980s-era film series that I’ve watched more times than I can count. Although I am neither orphaned nor [naturally] red-haired, I’ve always identified with Anne’s bookworm qualities, over-the-top romanticism and proclivity for putting her foot in her mouth. She never ceases to make me smile, and her love story with dreamboat Gilbert Blythe makes me swoon. And I’ve always wanted to visit the place where Anne’s story began: Prince Edward Island, Canada.

With the release of Netflix’s grittier take on Anne of Green Gables, “Anne with an E,” I’m guessing that at least a few people have been drawn in by the incorrigible orphan and by her island’s stunning scenery (gorgeously captured by Bobby Shore’s cinematography) and added PEI to their vacation bucket list. So if you’re ready to explore the place that Anne – and her real-life creator – once called home, here’s an itinerary from someone who’s now been there and done that. I promise: your three days in Prince Edward Island (PEI) will be straight out of a storybook.


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