Best places to see baby animals in Chicago in 2013


Dwarf Mongoose Pups

Brookfield Zoo is also the home of two litters of dwarf mongoose pups. The litters, born on Sept. 12 and Nov. 24, include three males and four unsexed puppies respectively. Guests visiting the zoo can see the family in the Habitat Africa! The Savannah exhibit.

Mongoose pups are born with their eyes closed; they open when they are about 13 days old. Mongooses are very gregarious and have a highly cooperative society with well-developed social roles. There is one dominant female and male in a group as well as subordinate males and older offspring. The subordinate males and older offspring usually help care for the younger pups in the group. Puppies begin to play fight after their eyes open. This is practice for when they are older and need to defend their own territories.




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