Build your own Lego ghost for Halloween


We teamed up with our friends at Legoland Discovery Center in Schaumburg for this special Lego how-to. Follow along with the video to build your own Lego ghosts, then use them to decorate your house for Halloween. We've also included step-by-step photos and instructions so even the littlest builders can take part. A special thank-you to our friend Andrew for teaching us to build these mini-model ghosts.



Here are all the pieces you'll need to complete your Lego ghost.


Place two white 1x2x2 corner bricks on top of the white 2x4 brick in a "U" shape.


In the empty 1x2 space left in front of the 1x2x2 corner bricks place the 1x2 with hole technic brick.


Connect the 1x2x2 corner bricks by placing a white 1x2 brick behind and above the 1x2 technic brick.


In the two 1x2 spaces left on either side of the eyes, place two white 1x2 plates.


In front of the brick used in the last step, place the two 1x1 with eye bricks with eyes facing out in the same direction.


On top of each plate place two 1x1 arches with the curves going toward the center of the model.


To finish the ghost's head, place a 2x2 tile over the center of the model.


Take two 2x2x3 roof tiles and place them on each end of the 2x4 used as the base of the head so that it would appear the ghost has two legs.


With your remaining four 1x2x3 roof tiles, place them between the 2x2x3 roof tiles used in the last step so that the entire ghost has support underneath.



You're finished! Enjoy spreading some Halloween spirit with these tiny ghosts.


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