Four children's books to read this Halloween


Our family loves Halloween, and one of our favorite fall traditions is reading spooky stories before bedtime in the nights leading up to Halloween. Amp up your Halloween celebrations by unwinding with some spine-tingling stories. Here are a few awesome new books to add to your collection of spooky Halloween reads.


That One Spooky Night is a collection of three graphic stories about kids that set out to trick-or-treat only to be met with several scary situations. Follow along as a broom searches for a witch, as mermaids occupy a bathtub and as a batty celebration unfolds. These three strange stories all unfurl on that one spooky night when all the kids and ghouls come out to play. This is a great read for kids ages 7-10, but even older kids will get a kick out of David Huyck's eerie illustrations. The comic book format will draw in even the most reluctant readers.


The nasty ghosts, gobins and ghouls of legends and lore come to life on the pages of Horrible Hauntings by Shirin Yim Bridges. Download the sister Horrible Hauntings app (available for free on iOS and Android devices), focus your smartphone on each page and enjoy as the ten 3D ghosts  spring into action, adding more clues to stories behind some of history's most famous ghosts.

My kids were especially spooked by Bloody Mary, who is rumored to drag you into a mirror, where you'll disappear forever - you'll even have to chant Bloody Mary three times to summon up her ghost on the app - and the Headless Horseman, who is said to be galloping around on his horse, ready to knock you down with a whack should you cross his path. This book is great for kids that aren't so scared of ghosts, ages 10 and up.


Set in rural Florida in 1949, Precious Bones tells the story of precocious,10-year-old, Bones, who lives with her tall-tale telling father, practical as cornbread mother, and pet pig, Pearl. Bones' carefree days of fishing, hunting and exploring the swamp with her best friend, Little Man, come to halt when their community is shocked by the news of two murders within two weeks. Worse, Bones' dear dad is one of the lead suspects, leading her to set off on a campaign to prove his innocence. Packed with suspense, this coming-of-age tale is a historical mystery novel recommended for ages 8-12.


Editor's Pick

Growing up, I looked forward to reading The Witches' Supermarket every fall. Part of the Martha Speaks series, the story follows Helen and her dog Martha to a special store on Halloween night. As they travel from aisle to aisle, they sense something isn't quite right with the other shoppers and the items in their carts.

Like the rest of the Martha Speaks series, children ages 5-8 will probably enjoy this book the most. The story lacks any ghoulish surprises or gore so it is safe for most readers near bedtime.

- Alaina Buzas


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