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"Being THE parent of a special needs child forces you to ride the special parent see-saw. It's like riding a bull for the first time with no instruction. Some days you are up so high your feet are lifted off the ground and others you find your feet dragging in the mud. No matter what your child's special need may be, the see-saw ride is a challenging one. You have to hang on for dear life, hang on to your child, hang on to your spouse and the rest of your family."

Walter Burden, Palos Heights

"THE IMPORTANT THING for our family is to set aside time for each of our three children. We also talk to them about what is going on. It's important that they know and understand that the 'special' treatment they feel Sadie is getting isn't 'special,' it's just 'adjusted'. They are so young right now that it's hard for them to understand, but eventually they will, and hopefully they will appreciate the effort we put in to make our family cohesive and full of love."

Mary Edgar, Wheaton

"ONE OF THE THINGS I would like to share is to involve the other children in the family that do not have special needs. Give them some ownership, especially when your child with special needs has some type of success. My son Tommy, who is 6, absolutely loves his little sister. She has a lot of medical needs and is developmentally and physically delayed. When she does something new, we try to give Tommy credit for helping her learn how to do it."

Jen Antonson, Geneva



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