Where to find the best soup in Chicago


Winter and soup go hand-in-hand. And since Chicago is so good at delivering nice cold winters, we knew it would be great at bringing us nice hot soups. Here are a few of our favorite spots in the city.


Lobster-chicken-rice soup

Find it here Soupbox

Why it's so yummy It's thick, creamy and rich-almost like the savory soup version of ice cream. We love combining two of our favorite soups, and they're more than happy to mix them together to make one extraordinary soup.

Kids will love it Most of the flavors were meant to mix together, but it's a little like a science experiment. Choose two of your faves, and see if they work well together.

A bowl will cost $7.09 for the regular and $9.14 for the bread bowl

While you're there, try this too Get the soup in a bread bowl, and have fun eating your bowl when you're done.

Details 50 E. Chicago Ave., (312) 951-5900; 2943 Broadway, (773) 935-9800


Matzoh Ball soup

Find it here Manny's

Why it's so yummy The salty, comforting soup comes with the biggest matzoh ball you'll ever see. It's soft, warm and tastes like home.

Kids will love it Pop the soup onto a tray, cafeteria-style, just like school. And it's a challenge to finish the entire matzoh ball.

A bowl will cost $3.75

While you're there, try this too Their corned beef sandwiches are so massive, you'll have problems taking a bite. So be prepared to make a mess-and have leftovers that'll take you through at least one more meal.

Details 1141 S. Jefferson, (312) 939-2855


Lentil soup

Find it here Taste of Lebanon Restaurant

Why it's so yummy This thick lentil soup is a bowl of savory goodness, and it's enhanced with some mild spices and lemon. Even if you don't think you like lentils, you'll like this soup.

Kids will love it They'll be able to dip their warm piece of pita bread into the soup-it's almost like playing with your food.

A bowl will cost $2.49

While you're there, try this too The falafel wrap is one of their signature items, and it's huge, crunchy and messy.

Details 1509 Foster Ave., (773) 334-1600


Tomato Soup

Find it here Spicy Monkey Soup Company

Why it's so yummy It's made from scratch daily and starts with a homemade vegetable stock base. Then the tomatoes and fresh ingredients are added (no sugar or cream in this yummy, healthy concoction) to become the perfect frosty weather soup.

Kids will love it It's a DIY soup. Add the following at no additional cost: chicken, meatballs, broccoli, peppers, pasta and rice.

A bowl will cost $5.50

While you're there, try this too You can't have tomato soup without grilled cheese. Get the apple pie grilled cheese sandwich, which comes stuffed with cheddar, bacon, brown sugar and granny smith apples.

Details French Market, 131 N. Clinton St., (312) 454-2991

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