Chicago Blackhawks wives and babies: Behind-the-scenes with hockey families


Abby Sharp

Husband: #10 Patrick Sharp, Left Wing (Alternate Captain)

Kids: Madelyn, 25 months; Sadie, 3 months

What is it like to have two little girls in the house now? It's definitely a lot busier. I'm finding I don't have much free time to do anything aside from taking care of both of them, especially with Madelyn being a toddler now and getting into everything. But it's a lot of fun.

What about when Patrick's on the road? I don't mean to throw him under the bus or anythingº It's not too much different from when he's home because usually he's napping or resting for the game. But no, we're used to being on our own, you know, so it's really not that much different.

How would you describe Patrick as a dad? He is an awesome dad. He loves to play with Madelyn. I think now that she's getting older, and can talk and play with him, he's just in love. He has so much fun with her, comes home and just throws her around and does that kind of stuff. He's really enjoying it, I think, now that she's getting out of the baby stage.

What was it like to see your husband win the Stanley Cup? When they were playing in Boston, Patrick really wanted Madelyn to be out on the ice, just so she could have those memories. Poor Sadie. I was pregnant, so I technically say she was there too, so she can't feel left out. But now we have a ring for each girl, which is cool.

How do you handle all the talk about Patrick being the sexiest guy in the NHL? We laugh about it for sure. `Cause you know, I see him at home, and he's in his pajamas, hanging out, sleeping. We get a good laugh out of it.


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