Chicago Blackhawks wives and babies: Behind-the-scenes with hockey families


Dayna Seabrook

Husband: #7 Brent Seabrook, Defenseman

Kid: Carter, 5 months

How has life changed now that Carter's here? It's not as hard as I thought it was going to be. It's been really fun. I thought I'd be locked in the house and not be able to do anything, but he's been such a good baby. I guess I'm just not sleeping as much, but other than that, it's been really, really good.

How would you describe your husband as a dad? Brent's been amazing. He's shocked me. Not that I didn't think he'd be a good dad, but he's just so hands-on. I had a C-section, so he changed all the diapers at the beginning. He's been really, really good with Carter. I think he's excited that he was a boy, too.

Are there any responsibilities that he's taken on as his own?

He's all about prepping him to be a hockey player. So he's got these exercises that he wants him to do every day. He's got to stand, get his leg strength up, all this stuff. It's really cute, actually.

How do you feel about Carter being a hockey player?

I'd love it if he was a hockey player! I don't care what he does. I always joke with Brent that he's going to be a ballerina. We'll support him whatever he wants to do. But we're both Canadian and we'd love it if he played hockey.

Carter's middle name is "Seven," which is Brent's number. Why did you decide to do that?

We just said it kind of in passing when I was pregnant. And then we kind of forgot about it. We actually had another name picked out, and then in the hospital, Brent's like, "Well, what about Seven?" Carter Seven Seabrook has a good ring to it. It's been Brent's number his whole career. So why not?


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