Chicago Blackhawks wives and babies: Behind-the-scenes with hockey families


Lene Brookbank

Husband: #17 Sheldon Brookbank, Defenseman

Kids: Bennett, 16 months; Baby #2 due in May

How would you describe your husband as a dad? He's the best. I honestly couldn't imagine doing it without him. He's so helpful and great. He takes the early shifts and changes diapers and feeds Bennettº and he's right on the floor with him playing.

And how do you handle it when Sheldon's on the road? "Handle that" is actually a great way of putting it. You get in kind of a routine; you get used to it. I think it's tougher for Bennett because he's a daddy's boy. He loves having his dad home. So for him, it's probably a little bit worse than it is for me.

Would you like to see Bennett play hockey? He likes playing mini-sticks with his dad at home, which is fun. I know that, especially growing up in Canada, it's such a part of the culture, having the kids play outside and things like that. I think that he would really enjoy it. But whatever he decides to do.

A lot of fans are kind of curious about the Blackhawks wives in general. Is there one thing you wish they knew about you?

That we are really just normal. We talk just like other girlfriends do and do the same kind of things and share the same kind of experiences. I think a lot of people would be surprised at how boring our day-to-day lives really are in the grand scheme of things.

You went to culinary school. Is that something you use in daily life?

At this stage of my life, it's more just doing it for the joy of doing it and cooking for the family. We do like to have dinner parties, although having a baby kind of limits that aspect of things. But we still like to enjoy a nice meal every once in a while.

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