Halloween DIY: Chicago parents show off mad skills in costume making


Fire Truck


  • Box, spray paint, spray adhesive, contact paper, scissors, foam board (white & black), aluminum foil, black Sharpie, pair of suspenders, other supplies that will make your box your own!

Step 1: Take the box and use spray adhesive to seal all sides and let it dry overnight.

FT4Step 2: Cut a hole in the bottom and top that is big enough for your child to stand comfortably

Step 3: Spray paint the entire box red.

Step 4: Cut a piece of white contact paper to create the front of the truck (which also adds another layer to help hold the box together).

FT1Step 5: Use the foam board to create windows, ladders, etc. Cover some foam pieces with foil to create headlights/front grill, etc.

Step 6: Use anything else to continue decorating your truck! We used stickers, foam as a hose, and flashing lights for the top. This part is all up to your imagination!

FT3Step 7: Use suspenders with clips to place the box over your child's shoulders and have them dress in their best fireman costume!

Samantha Sheahan of Oak Lawn

Son, Jackson, 5

Kids Eat Chicago

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