Multiples: Managing more than one baby


Brittney Campbell, Evanston

Kids: Olivia and Amelia, 8 months

What are the challenges of having multiples? Time management has been the biggest challenge for me. The days go by so quickly and every day you get less and less done than you wanted to accomplish.

I am also very independent and had to learn that you need and should ask for help. Those long nights will catch up to you and it's OK to ask for help, even just help putting one of the twins into a swing at the park.

What are your best tips for moms expecting twins? When you are expecting multiples, breathe and brace yourself because it's an amazing and sacred experience, but it's also a lot of work. It's important to try and have them on the same schedule so they eat, sleep and get changed at the same time if you can.

What's been most surprising? I've been surprised by their amazing connection to each other already. When they are separated from each other, they know it immediately and want to be back in each other's eyesight. I've had a hard time making sure that each child gets the same amount of attention, affection and time. And one of my girls is more attention-seeking than the other, so it's been important to try to pay equal attention to both.



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