Multiples: Managing more than one baby


Krystin McGahan, Geneva

Kids: Sawyer and Jaxon, 20 months

What are the challenges of having multiples? With twins, no sooner do you figure out a solution to a challenge and then something changes and a new challenge presents itself. I figured out how to get both babies down our four-story walk-up and out to our detached garage and then they outgrew the infant carriers and I was back to square one. Prepare to think outside the box. There are countless things that are harder with twins, but I have yet to come across a situation that I couldn't figure out with a little ingenuity and creativity.

What are your best tips for moms expecting twins? Being a mom of twins can be demanding and downright overwhelming at times. Don't be afraid to go out and do things with the babies. Get used to running errands, going for walks and going about your daily business with the babies in tow. Avoiding these things will only make it more intimidating down the road. Getting out with the babies early on will build your confidence and make you braver.
What's been most surprising? It's true that you are never given more than you can handle and having twins was no exception for my husband and me. Although it can be tricky, somehow you always find a way and you never cease to amaze yourself in the process. With every challenge is the rewarding feeling that comes with finding a solution. It is a journey of a lifetime and a roller coaster ride, but you'll never want to get off.


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