Three generations of Chicago moms share their best baby advice


Cooning/Erickson/Pero family

Meet the Moms

Great Grandma: Grace Cooning, mom of four

Grandma: Kathy Erickson,
mom of two

Mom: Lauren Pero, mom of two

Fussy baby/teething

Great Grandma: For teething, we had a round rubber ring that we put in the refrigerator. We also used paregoric to rub on their gums to numb them.

Grandma: Keep calm and try to change the environment. Sometimes just picking the baby up and walking, rocking or bouncing will help. A little bit of children's Tylenol is helpful. Lots of love helps!

Mom: My oldest daughter had colic, so there was lots of crying. We used a pacifier for soothing. When she was small we also wore her a lot so the BabyBjörn was our lifesaver!

Sleeping through the night

Great Grandma: Feed the baby late and put some cereal in the milk and the bottle to try to fill their tummies so it would hold them through the night.

Grandma: I think a full tummy at night will help with sleeping. If your child does wake during the night and cannot seem to settle, I would go in and pat and rub their back. If at all possible, don't take your child out of the crib.

Mom: Two words: Sleep training. We used the Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child book by Dr. Weissbluth, and my husband and I still say it was one of the best parenting decisions we've made so far. I can't emphasize enough how great it is to have a child who sleeps from 7-7.

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