Three generations of Chicago moms share their best baby advice


The Basile/Panfil/Ober family

Meet the Moms

Great Grandma: Evelyn Basile, mom of two

Grandma: Susan Panfil, mom of four

Mom: Brooke Ober, mom of three

Fussy baby/teething

Great Grandma: We would rub whiskey on their gums.

Grandma: A lot of holding and walking and Tylenol, of course.

Mom: I would give them a dose of Tylenol for the pain and chilled teether toys, but cuddling helped soothe them the best.

Sleeping through the night

Great Grandma: Both my kids were colicky for five months. We just suffered through it. Once I took my baby to my mom's house for a night to get some sleep (she had the patience of a saint), but she called after 10 minutes and she had to give her back!

Grandma: I picked them up when they cried and nursed. I often brought them into bed with me.

Mom: After 6 months, I would start putting the baby down awake, which seems to help them learn to fall asleep on their own. I did try sleep training, but hearing them cry for long periods was too heart wrenching.


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