The best apps for new parents


First time parent? There are apps for that. We've gathered the best apps for new parents to learn about, measure, soothe and distract their little bundle of joy.


There are apps designed for everything and everyone-even the youngest among us. Apps like Infant Visual Stimulation app (iPad/iPhone, $2.99), The Baby Symbolizer (iPad, iPhone, 99 cents) and Baby View (Android, $1.92) all display simple, high-contrast images designed to catch an infant's attention.

Choosing whether or not to plug in your little pumpkin soon after he arrives, however, is something to weigh heavily. The American Academy of Pediatrics does not recommend screen time for children under 2. Your child will benefit most often from the sounds of your voice, your facial movements and the interactions of loving parents, siblings and caregivers.

Interact with your infant and gauge his growth with these resources that help navigate fussy times, record developmental milestones and distract long enough to get a shower.



If you're like most new parents, you'll have lots of questions and a need for quick information. My Baby Today ( iPhone and Android, free) includes helpful checklists, suggested activities for baby each week, care and feeding advice, answers to "Is this normal?" questions and a photo album, too.



You'll also spend the first year of life reading everything you can get your hands on about you child's development. Baby Milestones 1st Year (iPhone/iPad, $1.99) provides physical, intellectual, social and sleep pattern guides for babies through the first year. Your Baby's Milestones (Android, $1.60) offers developmental data on growing children until 5, along with the ability to add notes and photos.



Sleep is critical-for everyone. To help the whole family during tough sleep cycles, try White Noise by TMSOFT ( iPhone/iPad and Android, $1.99). This app comes with 40 different background noises to choose from, including the tested vacuum and washing machine-you won't even have to do housework to get the sleep results you're hoping for!



Of course there will be fussy times, and these apps can act like a traditional rattle to distract your baby in a pinch. Baby Rattle Toy (Android, free) comes with six different rattle styles and sounds. Baby Rattle Toy (iPhone, $1.99) also offers various sounds, colorful graphics and vibrations.

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