Chicago kids talk about technology


What kinds of technology do you use at home or school?

  • I use desktop and laptop computers for things such as homework, playing games and looking for recipes. I also have my own cell phone and an iPod. Gabriel
  • Laptop, desktop, iPad mini, cell phone and video games. Kendall
  • Since I go to a Montessori school, we really don't use computers until fourth, fifth and sixth grade. Grace
  • At home I use my iPod Touch, my Kindle Fire, the Wii, my mom's iPad and the computer. At school we use iPads, laptops and regular computers. We also use Smart Boards a lot. My Kindle Fire is really useful because you can read books and play games when you are on an airplane and you don't have to carry three heavy books if you are an avid reader. Zoe
  • Laptop computers and tablets. I got a Kindle for Christmas, but I haven't had a chance to set it up yet. I don't have a cell phone even though I really want one. My parents sometimes let me play on their phones. Megan
  • At school we use laptops and Smart Boards. At home, I use my iPod, cellphone, desktop, the Wii and the Xbox. Ariadna
  • At home I use an iPod Touch, tablets, video games, a computer and my mom's Kindle. Jakob
  • I use an iPod, desktop computer, Kindle Fire, DS, Wii and Samsung Galaxy S2. Guillermo
  • At home I have a MacBook Pro, an iPod, a cell phone, and lots of gaming devices (Xbox, PS3, Wii, PSVita and Nintendo 3DS). At school we use the school computers, iPads and iPods, and we have an interactive whiteboard in each of our classrooms called Promethean Boards instead of chalkboards. Christian

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