Chicago kids speak out on the city's challenges


What do you think we could do to make our city less violent?

We can ask crowds of people to make signs that say "stop the violence" and march all over Chicago. Nasir

I think the government should take away all weapons and give them to the military. Diego

If there were no guns, there would be no shootings. Sadie

The police could crack down on the gang leaders since gangs commit most of the murders. The city could also promote more community watch programs so neighbors could watch out for each other and identify criminals. Griffith

Well, there seems to be a lot of meetings and marches about stopping the violence, but we need to do more things in schools. The adults are doing a lot of things, but they need to involve more kids. No one is talking about violence in my school. Camryn

Really you don't actually need a gun to protect yourself. You have a phone to call the police. Guns can protect you but they can cause a lot of trouble. David

I think we should have all the people in Chicago pitch in and help the people who feel that violence is OK. It's not. Taylor

I think that gun buyback programs would be good to get guns off the street. I'm not opposed to responsible people being gun owners, but way too many guns are in the hands of people who do not use them responsibly. Max

Kids Eat Chicago

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