Summertime vegetable recipes to win over picky eaters


Most kids are picky eaters, turning up their noses with disgust at what we consider the most delicious foods. Some kids are extreme picky eaters, limiting themselves to an all-yellow diet of mac and cheese, French fries and chicken nuggets.

Introducing new foods can be a daunting battle in the face of such opposition, but springtime, with its bounty of pretty baby vegetables, is a great time for new beginnings.

I like to apply the Mary Poppins philosophy when introducing my children to new foods. A spoonful of sugar goes a long way to making new colors and flavors more appetizing.

When my son turned 2, he stopped eating anything with color. He was only willing to taste something when I allowed him to dip it in maple syrup. We went through a lot of maple syrup, but he started eating again, and is now an enthusiastic eater who only eats maple syrup with pancakes on Sundays.

While it's true that kids eat too much sugar nowadays, making a vegetable a little sweeter will make it much more palatable. Carrots are sweet on their own, but with a honey glaze, they become impossible to resist. There will be plenty of time to remove the extra sugar once that vegetable has been deemed delicious.

The right presentation can make all the difference. Gnarly parsnips become fun crisps when sliced thin and baked with cinnamon and sea salt. Hand pies are an exciting vehicle to deliver new or previously hated vegetables.

Check out these three recipes that are great for picky eaters...

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