How Chicago moms can play away the pounds and lose weight


Playground circuit

For the last stop on my quest, I brought my personal trainer Kevin Darling out to the playground to demonstrate a few simple ways to maximize our jungle gym time with the kids to tone up, stretch out, and get our blood pumping. Sitting on a bench watching them have all the fun is kind of a drag, so put down the latte and go swing from some monkey bars!

Here are three ways to use common playground equipment for a better bod:

Pushup position with feet up on the bench: Pushing your knee to your opposite elbow will rotate your abdominals and engage your transverse abdominals. With gravity forcing you down, your shoulders are getting some great stability work.

Hanging from bar with knee drivers: From the hanging position, engage your lats and arm muscles (see picture). Driving both knees and twisting as you come up, you're chiseling away for that six-pack!

Back foot on bench, sinking the hips and rotating both arms: This attacks the lower body (quads, hamstrings, calves). The rotation of both arms will really loosen the spine and is a great tweak for all mothers who play tennis, golf, paddle, etc.


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