School is cool: A report from Chicago's kids


Have you ever been a part of bullying in school? How did it make you feel?

I have seen someone getting bullied. I guess you could say I stood up for them. It made me feel rotten inside knowing that people were so cruel to say such mean things about anyone. Hristina

People were talking about me and I could hear them and it made me angry as if people thought I was stupid. Jamani

No, we have a strict policy against this. Citlali


One time at lunch, two kids were pulling my hair and my friend's hair. They were saying mean things to us, too. We told our teacher and she sent us to their classroom to tell their teacher. It hurt my feelings and it hurt my hair. Gabriella


Yes, we were ignoring a girl on purpose. I felt bad leaving her out of the rest of the group. I got to know her better, and so did my friends. We started to talk to her and now we are all close friends. Alexys



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