Chicago kids speak out on the environment and global warming


Do you think it is important to recycle? What do you recycle at home or school?

Yes, it is important to recycle because less garbage goes to the dump. I recycle cans, paper and glass. I recycle at school and at home. Maya

At home, we recycle paper and cardboard and plastic and glass, and sometimes wood. At school, we recycle paper. I'm on Student Council, and we ran a recycling campaign for school this year: Gary the Garbage Can Says `Don't Put Any More in Me!' Wendy

If we didn't recycle paper or cardboard, more trees would have to be cut down. Trees clean some of the air pollution out of the air and if there were no trees, then more people would have asthma. Savannah

If you leave your garbage on the floor, dolphins and whales will die. Alexis

I think it is important to recycle because it turns old trash into useful objects. Jacob


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