Chicago kids speak out on the environment and global warming


What is global warming and what do you think we can do about it?

Global warming is God's Earth getting hotter. Walk, ride or roller skate instead of driving. Maya

Global warming is when the garbage that's been thrown on the ground and in a landfill and all of the other stuff that's bad for the Earth makes carbon dioxide that overheats the sun. I think that once a week we should all go outside and pick up stuff you see. That would help stop global warming. Madeleine

Global warming is the world getting hotter. Ice caps are melting. Weather is going crazy. I know that some factories turn out carbon dioxide by using machinery so we could stop plants like that. Also, we could plant more trees to create more oxygen. Wendy

Global warming is the destruction of the ozone layer, which leads to more of the sun's harmful UV rays reaching the Earth's surface. To stop this, we can stop using things like old appliances and aerosol cans. Jacob


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