What dads really expect


<bold>Did you ever pick up one of your partner's parenting books?</bold>

I totally got into What to Expect When You're Expecting. I always wanted to be a dad, so I was totally gung-ho about it. I even knew how many weeks we were into our pregnancy, down to the day. I remember meeting a good friend of mine's mom and she asked us when we were due, I burst out with, "We are in week 32 and heading into the final trimester and everything is going smoothly; we have passed all of the tests and just registered with the hospital." I felt like a chick.

Sean Leonard

I think I was in denial the first six months of Pascale's (my partner's) pregnancy. I must have been an awful partner at the time. But would it kill a company to put a dad on the cover of one of those books so we know it's OK to pick up?

Ryan Salzwedel

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