12 ways to teach kids about money


  1. Just say no: Refuse to buy things for young children when they are at the store with you. No trinket is more valuable than the real gift you give your child by denying instant gratification. If you give in, your child-who is too young to understand money-simply will learn that when they want something, they get it.
  2. Create a currency: Start your own economy. Kids love to earn gold stars, bottle caps or other "currency" that can be exchanged for the things they want. The more tactile the better. Start with stickers on a chart and work your way up to physical objects the child can hold and manipulate. Added bonus: math skills!
  3. Make believe with money: Little kids love to play pretend. Provide toys that encourage fiscal play, like toy cash registers, scanners, and ATM machines. Let them empty the pantry to set up a store or encourage them to hold a bake sale with Play-Doh pies.

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