5 family-friendly Friday nights


Backwards Night - Meatloaf Cupcakes

Kick off your "backwards" Family Friday Night by climbing into pajamas, brushing teeth and getting ready for bed. Then, let the backwards fun begin by unleashing some unexpected surprises on your unsuspecting family.

What to eat: Surprise your kids by serving "dessert" for dinner. Dig out your muffin tin and create meatloaf "cupcakes" with mashed potato "frosting."

What to do: Mix things up with fun and unexpected new takes on classic games. For example, instead of playing charades, play "reverse charades" where the entire team acts out as many words as they can in 60 seconds while one person guesses. Put a similar spin on other favorites such as hide-and-go seek (one person hides and everyone else seeks) or pin the donkey on the tail. Write your names backwards on nametags and see who can make it the whole night without slipping up and using someone's real name. Pass out coloring pages and instruct everyone to color only outside the lines-using their feet instead of their hands. Write "secret codes" and decipher them by holding up to a mirror. Don't be afraid to get silly!


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