Snuggle up with these winter-themed books


By Judy Belanger

WAITING FOR WINTER, by Sebastian Meschenmoser, Kane Miller Books, $15.99; ages 4-8.
Winter is almost here and soon it will snow, deer tells squirrel. Squirrel has never seen snow. He decides to exercise to stay awake to see it. Soon he wakes hedgehog and they decide to sing to keep awake. Then they wake bear. Finally a snowflake drops on bear's nose. The friends build a snowman before they go to sleep for the winter.
MISTER RABBIT'S WISH, by Colleen Monroe, illustrations by Michael Glenn Monroe, Mitten Press, $17.95; ages 4-8.
It is time for Mr. Rabbit to make his annual visit to the wishing tree, which grants wishes to those who ask. Along the way he meets Mr. and Mrs. Squirrel, who join him. Before long they meet Mr. Fox who also joins the group. Along the way, they meet other animals. As the animals get to the clearing they all stand and admire a beautiful pine, but Mr. Rabbit moves on to an old oak. One by one they go to the tree with their wish. Mr. Rabbit goes last. On their way home, the animals question if their wish may come true and they ask Mr. Rabbit what he wished for. He says his wish is for peace on Earth. The wishing tree has given him hope that maybe one year, if more that one bunny wishes for peace, he will grant the wish.
SNOWY SPORTS: READY, SET, PLAY!, by Per-Henrik Gúrth, Kids Can Press, $14.95; ages 4-8.
Follow the animals as they gather whatever supplies they need to have a good time on a winter day. Whether it is a day of skiing, hockey, skating or sledding, it is always nice to end up in front of a fire with hot chocolate.
BABY POLAR, by Yannick Murphy, illustrated by Kristen Balouch, Clarion, $16; ages 4-8.
Baby Polar loves to play in the snow. Mom warns that they can't play too long because a big storm is coming. He watches the flakes fall, catches a few on his tongue and makes wings in the snow. When Mom says it's time to go home, he doesn't listen and soon can't find his prints in the snow.
JAN BRETT'S SNOWY TREASURY, by Jan Brett, Putnam, $29.99; ages 3-8.
Four of Jan Brett's most popular books, Gingerbread Baby, The Mitten, The Hat and The Three Snow Bears have been combined into this new treasury. Be sure to go to Brett's Web site at for activity pages for all ages.
book_penguinPENGUIN'S SNOWY DAY, by Salina Yoon, Price Stern Sloan, $6.99; ages 3-5.
Penguin and his friends are happy to go out and play when they have a snowy day. They build snowmen and skate on the pond. The best part of the day is when grandma has hot cocoa waiting for them.
IN THE SNOW, by Peggy Collins, Applesauce Press, $14.95; ages 4-6.
The little boy is all excited when he looks out the window in the morning and sees snow. He hurries to get ready to go out by putting on his long socks, fuzzy hat, warm mittens, cozy coat and big clunky boots. He and Dad make footprints in the snow and build a very tall snowman before heading back inside for food and a nap.
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