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Tamara Quinn


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Her friends call her the Swami Mommy. But a lifetime ago, that moniker wouldn’t have fit. In those days, Tamara Quinn was a hard-driving career woman working 24/7 for Martha Stewart Living. Then she started thinking about having children. "You think it’s just magically going to happen and it didn’t for me," says the Wilmette mom, co-founder of Pulling Down the Moon, ( a center that focuses on holistic treatment, such as yoga, meditation and acupuncture, to help women through infertility. Quinn’s own infertility treatments ultimately led to twins, Kevin and Courtney, 11 years ago.

"Then the struggle started when my twins were born," she says. "How do I manage being a career woman and a mother? (I thought) now I have everything I always wanted and it’s not all as glorious as I want it to be. I know a lot of moms feel exactly the same way."

Her a-ha moment: Quinn, 43, says she began exploring yoga, meditation and healing arts. The more she learned, the more she thought, "Wow, everything I need is here; I just need to learn how to manifest it in my life." She believes she was meant to help other women become moms, a belief out of which Pulling Down the Moon was born. "I look at motherhood as being my most important work on this planet. There’s no greater gift than creating children who are responsible, loving, gracious people in the world."

Number one advice for moms: "I go back to what my father said years ago: ‘When you do what you love, everything else falls into its place.’ From a yoga philosophy, once you find what you are truly meant to do, all the world conspires to make it happen. So I think for moms who are out there and kind of struggling (with what to do with her life now that the kids are in school), don’t put so much pressure on yourself to come up with the answer; just go out and do something you love."

How does holistic medicine fit with today’s medicine: "A lot of times people think of holistics as this wacky stuff, but people forget it can be diet and exercise." It might be as simple as choosing organic milk and fruits, cutting out soda, giving fish oil supplements to improve brain function or acupressure and herbal therapy.

Biggest lesson learned as a mom: "If you want healthy, happy kids, you have to be healthy and happy yourself. You create an environment of joy and happiness in your household and you’ll have joyful, happy kids. It’s just magical how that works. When you are feeling stressed and you are feeling anxious, don’t think those little intuitive kids aren’t feeling it, too. They do."



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