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4 questions
What do you want to be when you grow up?

A ballroom dancer or pastry chef.

What is your favorite food?

What is your weird talent? I can hula hoop on my knees.

Who inspires you and why? My mom. She got all this started and I really thank her for that.

Young and old alike are feeling a little warmer this winter thanks to the efforts of 10-year-old Destinee Evans, who has been sewing blankets, hats and scarves for children and senior citizens.

But it’s interesting to note that the young seamstress doesn’t like sewing—she just likes the look on people’s faces when she gives them a gift. Destinee admits she wasn’t excited about the sewing class her mom insisted she take last summer, but the South Holland tween muddled through and finished the class.

Destinee really didn’t put what she learned to good use until this winter when she saw that her brother Nikolaus needed a blanket to cover his wheelchair on his way to school. She decided she could make him one herself.

She found some fleece material she thought Nikolaus would like and headed for the sewing machine. Once she finished the blanket, she figured she might as well make him a matching hat and scarf. And when she finished that, she thought she may as well make blankets, hats and scarves for Nikolaus’ classmates.

"I just wanted to do something special for them for Christmas," Destinee says.

Several months later, Destinee has expanded her holiday efforts to include making warm weather gear for patients at the Children’s Rehabilitation Center in Harvey and for senior citizens at a local nursing home. She’s passing along her sewing techniques by teaching seniors at a local nursing home how to make the blankets, scarves and hats. "I like seniors and I thought that it would be nice for them, because they get cold, at least my great-grandma does," Destinee says.

To finance her efforts, Destinee makes the craft show rounds with her mom Pamela, an avid crafter. She sells blankets, hats, scarves and pillows at the shows. And with the help of her mom, she currently is designing a padded undershirt for girls who are between T-shirts and training bras.

When she’s not sewing, Destinee, who is homeschooled, is learning ballroom dancing at a local studio, where she competes and dances in shows. Destinee got hooked after watching "Dancing with the Stars" and figures she’ll be dancing on the show herself in 10 years or so.

And while Pamela says Destinee still doesn’t really like sewing, "she likes giving gifts and helping people, so this is her way of being a blessing to people."



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