Good green intentions

From the editor


Tamara O'Shaughnessy


A year ago this month I came clean about my un-green ways and determined the O’Shaughnessy household was going to be much greener.

I’m happy to report we are much greener, except for my continued unexplained reliance on pretty floral paper plates at every meal. The many small steps we took to help save the environment—changing light bulbs, putting more items in the blue recycling bins every Tuesday, shorter showers and making sure our electronics were unplugged when we finished using them—have become second nature. I was feeling pretty proud of our family effort until I encountered a green evangelist, Megan Wojtyla of Naperville, who uncovered more things I could do for the sake of Mother Earth.

The list includes: A glass coffee mug for my morning 24-ounce cup of 7-Eleven blueberry creme coffee, a switch from those plastic zipper baggies to reusable containers for my lunch and snacks and a refillable bottle for water. Those are small changes I can definitely make.

This month, you’ll find great green ideas your family can adopt without much extra work, too, such as trying vermicomposting. You’ll hear from green moms who are making environment-saving decisions every day in their homes and moms, like Wojtyla, who are inventing products when they can’t find sensible solutions already available.

You’ll also find out going green doesn’t have to be hard. If your family can’t take big steps, start small. Remember, everyone’s little steps eventually become giant steps.

Happy April.



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