May flowers



Allison Markowitz


Flowers bloom in May and remind us that Chicago isn’t the worst place to live after all. Whether you hope for two dozen roses this Mother’s Day or just like to sit in the park and watch nature bloom, read on for fun facts about flowers.

1986 Year the rose became the official National Floral emblem of the United States.

16 Years it can take before the Pink and White Lady Slipper, the state flower of Minnesota, produces its first flower.

60 Percent of all fresh-cut flowers in the United States come from California.

5 Rank of the Gerbera Daisy on the list of most popular cut flowers. Extra fun fact: It blooms in every color except blue.

$700 Dollars, in millions, worth of tulips that are exported from Holland each year.

25,000 Number of varieties of orchids, which makes it the largest family in the plant kingdom.

11/11 Date of Remembrance Day, and poppies are used as its symbol. They bloomed even in the worst of conditions, such as the battlefields of Flanders in World War I.

50 Number of references in Shakespeare’s work honoring the rose.

140 Million years ago a flower was fossilized, documenting the time flowers first bloomed on Earth.

4 Parts that make up a flower: carpels, stamens, petals and sepals.

880 Distance, in yards, that you can smell the rotting scent of the Corpse Flower; its full name is Amorphophallus titanium.

22,801 Number of mixed flowers in one bouquet, created by the Missouri Botanical Garden, that broke the record in 1998. Imagine having to find a place to display that on Mother’s Day!




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