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Kids need dads

You have to feel for men—they are hammered for not participating in their kids’ lives, but when they try, they are suspected as child molesters. It’s such a shame, at a time when so many kids desperately need and want adults to pay attention to them.

Jen Raymonds
Chicago, IL

Safety of the children

I am writing this letter in response to the reader essay featured in your March 2008 issue ("Kicked out of day care for no reason"). While I can understand his point of view at times, Steve Frederick appears to have little regard for the day care industry. Certainly he should understand that the first and foremost requirement of any reputable day care is the safety of the children. If the parents themselves prefer for their child to have plenty of male interaction in their child’s life, this would be their personal choice and one they can bring to fruition in the home environment.

We need to be realistic. In days past, children could play outdoors unsupervised for hours at a time. Times have changed and we need to change with them. Schools/day care should be a safe haven for children. I admire any parent that enjoys spending quality time with their child. I question, however, why this needs to be done in the confines of the day care. Why not spend that time with your child at home?

I have worked in day care for 22 years and have never perceived a male parent as a "lurking predator." We keep our eyes open and our children safe, prevention means everything.

Mary Novosad

Growing up green

I am a board member of GoAEYC, Golden Corridor Association for the Education of Young Children, a local affiliate of NAEYC serving portions of the northwest suburbs. I am writing in response to your April 2008 content regarding "Growing Up Green." I was thrilled to see not only green issues related to young children addressed, but also the actual headline, "Growing Up Green." Beginning in January 2008, our organization decided to start a "green" committee that we actually named Growing Up Green. We provide ideas, facts and activities via Web site postings, newsletters and conference presentations for child care providers and families to promote a healthier and cleaner earth for our young children. We feel it is crucial for adults to instill these values in our young children. Please feel free to take a moment to check out our Web site, www.goaeyc.org, and click the Growing Up GREEN tab. We are here to provide information and opportunities for the community that serves young children.

Thank you again for addressing this topic, as well as the countless others that your magazine consistently provides.

Tara Mathien, M.S.

Make a visit to the library

In difficult economic times, people look for ways to cut costs and spending. Smart Chicagoans are saving money now by rediscovering their Chicago Public Library and its rich array of free collections, services and programs. As the economy slows, library use in Chicago has skyrocketed. During the month of March alone, Chicago’s neighborhood libraries circulated more than 825,000 books, audiobooks, CDs and DVDs, an increase of 25 percent over the same month one year ago. Chicagoans are finding that they can rely on their library for the latest bestsellers, research information, classic literature, downloadable audiobooks, online magazines, music and movies, plus the assistance of professional librarians, trained technology tutors and after-school homework help from certified teachers—and the best part is it’s all free with a library card.

Chicago’s libraries are open on evenings and weekends and are filled with state-of-the-art technology with free access to the Internet and free WiFi in every library; innovative book clubs for children, teens and adults; financial literacy programs; writing workshops; free passes to 13 of Chicago’s great museums and the Ravinia Music Festival; and lectures by world renowned authors and poets. Through the library’s Web site, www.chicagopubliclibrary.org, Internet users can access the library’s collections and hundreds of online magazines and journals, find a program and study for college entrance exams.

Be smart, save money and visit your neighborhood Chicago Public Library.

Mary A. Dempsey
Chicago Public Library



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