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Too hot for the mailbox

If you are looking for a few fun cards to send to your girlfriends for Mother’s Day, you might want to check out Porn for Women from the Cambridge Women’s Pornography Cooperative with photography from Susan Anderson. Before you start to cringe at the "P" word, know there is no nudity and only a couple of shirtless hunks who want to help you wish your fellow mommy friends a happy "you" day.

The book is full of handsome men doing the things some of us only wish they’d do, each with their own sweet little saying. The book comes with 30 postcards for $9.95 and is available at www.chroniclebooks.com.


Boo Boo tamer

It’s not a great feeling when those brand-new pumps cut into your feet, creating painful blisters. Peaches & Boo Boo, www.peachesandbooboo.com, have your pretty tootsies covered with its Save My Feet Blister Elixir.

The lightly scented lotion is said to last for up to eight hours and works under hosiery. Simply massage the elixir onto your feet to help prevent blisters. Skeptical, I gave it a try with my most blister-producing pumps. The Blister Elixir definitely helped with the friction and I was blister free for the evening. The Save My Feet Blister Elixir is available online for $20.

Fab sites on the Web

Finding hilarious and quick little videos on the Web is a great way to lift the spirits. Inthemotherhood.com is just that kind of site with its videos starring Jenny McCarthy, Leah Remini and Chelsea Handler. The stories are written about everyday experiences from moms who belong to the online community. The show is in its second online season, but you can catch up on last season on the site. Happy viewing.

Mommy time, excellent

New moms rarely get to go out for lunch and when they do, they can generally be found hanging out at a local joint. Bypass the local fast food restaurant and make a beeline to Delacosta, 465 E. Illinois St., Chicago, for the Mommy and Me and Soon to be Mom lunch. The restaurant, where Cirque meets Nuevo Latino, hosts the lunch the third Thursday of every month for $25 per mom, kids included.

The great thing about mixing mommies, mommies-to-be and munchkins at Delacosta is that the lunch will be held in its solarium overlooking the Chicago River. Since the colorful solarium is away from the main dining room, you won’t need to worry about disturbing other diners and if there is a meltdown, the room is broken into blocks so you can have a moment of privacy.

The prix fixe menu is based on Nuevo Latino cuisine, which the Director of Special Events Madison Drake says "is all about texture." Lunch starts with a cheese flatbread covered in black truffle honey, cabrales—a Spanish blue cheese—and roasted pears. After the appetizer, the Basil Chicken Sandwich, Organic Salmon Panela, Steak Chopped Salad and the Campfire Empanada as a vegetarian option will be served. Kids will be served grilled cheese.

For dessert, moms will munch on a chef’s choice shared dessert and kids will have cupcakes by Sugar Bliss. There will also be plenty of pampering, including makeup tips and touch-ups and baby massage demonstrations.

With all this pampering, there is also a chance for doing good as moms are encouraged to bring in a new pair of pajamas that will be donated to the Pajama Program, www.pajamaprogram.org. For more information on Delacosta or Mommy and Me and Soon to be Mommy lunch, call (312) 464-1700.

A present for yourself

Celebrating your own awesomeness is hard sometimes. So, in the spirit of Mother’s Day, why not buy yourself a little bling? You deserve it. Island Cowgirl Jewelry, www.shopislandcowgirl.com, has plenty of sweet sterling silver and 14K gold pieces sure to satisfy. The line is full of chunky, whimsical jewelry that can cover you from ear to ankle and you don’t have to be a cowgirl to wear it.

There’s a lot of romance in this collection and it’s obvious that California-based designer Heather Kraty is inspired by love, spirit and adventure. The pieces are wax cast from hand-carved originals covered in inspirational thoughts and designs. The Wax Seal necklaces, which sell for $89, re-create the tradition of sealing secret love letters with wax seals. The art on the necklaces features original pictures drawn by the artist and have a secret message etched on the back, such as "peace comes from within" on the backside of the dove.

Match the chunky XOXO bracelet ($150) with the Open Your Heart necklace ($150) with its sweet little hearts and "OXOX" etched around the body of the bigger heart and you have the perfect, love-inspiring pair. All of the hearts have a molded by hand look to them.



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